December 18, 2008

Votive to Didier's Mother & Grandparents

My french friend Didier, has the most wonderful wedding photo of his grandparents, which i used in this collage. I added the photo of his mother, when she was obviously just a little girl, from another photo. This will be my birthday gift to Colette, his mother.... she was New Year's baby !... Didier is going to get a bookmark out of this image since he is a bit of a snob with his artwork collection but his sentimentality will appreciate the bookmark, I believe. tee-hee.

December 12, 2008

IF: Rambunctious

OK. Here is my first attempt to contribute to Illustration Friday. all I could think of was my dog and how he loves to sneak into the shower and steal my sponge... this time, I caught him!

2008 Holiday Card

This is a photo of my grandfather and I am a little obsessed with it at the moment. For christmas, this image, once a ATC, has now transformed into a bookmark and a lovely gift for family... especially accompanied with a book!