May 25, 2011

strawberries and flowers

We have a little garden on our balcony thanks to mother! and we already have strawberries growing but they don't have much time to hang out because as soon as my 2 year old sees one, he picks it quickly and shoves it into his mouth!.. clever little kid. I got a photo of this one before i even let him on the balcony...  this one is gone too.

skull pendant

For my friends birthday, I made her this skull necklace/pin with a matching wooden box! It's so cute that i think i need to make a few more!

May 20, 2011

Sailing Lessons

For one of the gifts my husband recieved for his birthday was Sailing Lessons. I folded up the certifcate into the shape of a sailboat, then blopped his head onto a sailer in photoshop!  I thought this was such a cute way to present sailing lessons!

May 18, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Today is my husband's birthday!  Since he has been learning to play the guitar and Jack is obsessed with his guitar... i thought this made a cute birthday card. I assembled it in photoshop.

May 17, 2011

Sunny Day in Parc Monceau

I have been in a creative wave making different necklaces that i am really excited about. The toughest part for me is giving a title to these necklaces. The ones i come up with never seem to properly give them the excitement and flair i think they deserve. So in a quiet moment, it dawned on me to name them after incredible gardens i have been inspired by and visited. This piece is the start of that and Parc Monceau is the perfect description of  this piece in my opinion! All of my pieces are inspired by gardens so naming them after famous parks and gardens seems like the perfect fit. I am now excited to do research on all the famous gardens of the world!

May 11, 2011

Spring Garden Creations

Butterflies in the Garden is one of my new creations. I am loving the beaded chain and the the rich sparkly ribbons in this piece. It is really gorgeous in my opinion :)


Ok, I can be so lame in keeping up with my blog! First of all, i was in Nashville, TN on business a few weeks ago (who am I kidding... it's now a month ago) where i had the pleasure to sneak in a private art class with Cindy Wunsch! only does she have a personality that could light up the sky, she is a great teacher and i learn several cool and different techniques. I highly recommend checking our her artwork too. Here is what i did, which is obviously completely inspired by Cindy!