September 28, 2010

Ann Wood Handmade

My friend Tracey introduced me to this gal who makes just wonderful birds out of fabric (and other creatures). Each one is charming with lots of character... I just love them.

September 27, 2010


My new obsession is this store in France, Verbaudet (There is one in England if you want it in english) which has the cutest blankets, pillows and sleep sacs for little kids!!  How cute are these below... i want all of them!

September 22, 2010

Dolan Geiman Artwork

Below is one of Dolan Geiman's pieces, which i really love. He was a the Renegade fair this year and i have seen his work at  the One of Kind Show for the past couple of years in Chicago. I am completely inspired by his mixed-media collages and he sells his stuff on Etsy too.... it's cool stuff.

September 21, 2010

Christmas Pins on the way

Here is one of the christmas pins i have been working on - "Noel" which means christmas in French because i am so french. i LOVE all the rich greens and gold
Here is my humorous side...  everyone loves snowmen right? and this pin is more practical in the sense you can wear it all winter- it's not just a christmas thing!

September 20, 2010

gift box

Here is a gift box I made really quick with some scrapbooking elements... ( i don't scrapbook but i love all the papers, ribbons, and little dodads.)

official photo at Renegade

Again, renagade had a free black & white photobooth in which we could take our pictures...  this year i took it with my darling Claire and we had fun with all the props they supplied this year! My favorite is the bottom left.

Below is last year's photo with my darling Bettina and my son.... the only prop they had last year was the mustache.... but it was still fun!

September 17, 2010

Renegade 2010

Went to Renegade again this year (i have been going for the past 5 years or so) and since i knew it was a sold out fair of 300 booths, i was anxious to see what new and exciting booths they were going to have this year. Unfortunately it was the usual suspects at Renegade with the exception of a few new booths. Above shows a few bags this gal from Argentina made out of Vinyl from recycled train and bus seats. The bags were pretty colorful and cool. Her website is
Claire (below) particularly like this boyfriend bag....  knowing claire makes this especially funny.
Above is my possy with our new little member. Here they are showing off some handmade hats made by Shannon Mulkey designs that were cute but were not purchased. She also had cute scarves with pockets on them... check her out at

There was a really fun band playing throughout the fair... I just loved how they dresses and their entire fun attitude!
Oh and here is another original booth this year that i manage to get a photo. It's basically a necklace made out of neckties. We really liked them but were stumped with what outfit to wear with it? too bad i didn't get her card.

September 2, 2010

My first rummage sale

So, i was inspired by my friend June Pfaff Daley and decided to give rummage sales a try since i am so amazed by all the great stuff she finds for practically nothing! But, of course, I go on a friday for a rummage sales listed and when i arrived, the lady said it's not until Saturday. Well, it took me 30 minutes to get there and i was not going to head back on a saturday, but she was nice enough to dig deep in her basement for ribbon that she had that i said i was interested in. Well, here is my little stash of ribbon that i picked out and half of it i am not even crazy about but i thought i would get it really cheap..  well, i got it for $15... I know I know, i should of negotiated here down, but she made a special trip to go into basement to dig up the ribbon and then told me about how her mother died and that's why she is selling everything...  so i felt i had to pay extra for that, i guess.

the 2 necklaces i bought were a buck each which was fine.. i will use those pearls for some fancy snowman :)