March 9, 2011

June, Me, & Claire -- My Art Buddies

Here we are lounging outside on a big cabanna bed in Las Vegas.
We are sooo royal.

Art & Soul Retreat 2011

I had the best time AGAIN at the Art & Soul retreat this year in Las Vegas with my two buddies June & Claire.

This is what i made this year:
Day One - Fluid Romance with Kari McKnight
I learned some really cool NEW techniques in this class involving molding paster, deli paper and gold foil, which i am excited about. I also thought Kari was a fantastic teacher that gave a lot of energy to the class.

DAY TWO - Soldering for Virgins with Sally Jean Alexander
I was intimidated by this class because, quite frankly, i was a little nervous to use a soldering iron for the first time and really really didn't want to burn myself!  After a tense 20 minutes or so, i started to relax and get into it. It's a lot of fun and really like what i made. Jump rings are tricky getting on and i really need to practice this. I think i need to get a soldering iron for my birthday!

EVENING CLASS: The Art of Steampunk Jewelery with Brenda Mattson

I only took this class because June and Claire wanted to take it and i didn't want to be left alone!  I discovered that steampunk jewerly is interesting to make and has a history. I walked away having made these 2 pieces and i really love them.

DAY 3 - Color My World with Lisa Kaus

We all have taken a different Lisa Kaus class last year so this year was a similar experience. Paint, crayons, collage on wood. I just LOVE this whole medium and want to do more of it. I love the vibrant colors and i think i have a real knack for it! Oh and my baby jack on the carousel for the first time... priceless