February 16, 2010

First Heart Pendant

The very first Heart Pendant i made was a year ago. Claire is the lucky owner of this heart pendant as she was also my first biggest fan. Here she is holding my son Jack.

Heart Pendants

Here's the first batch of Heart Pendants i made all by hand with ribbon, felt, embroidery threat and chain. I sold most of them before valentine's day. They are a huge hit! I am busily making more as i am getting more requests. An Etsy shop will be opening soon!
I am going to the ART & SOUL Retreat in Las Vegas on February 20th! I am so excited! Above is my FatBook page that i contributed. I am really looking forward to recieving the whole Fat Book and seeing what everyone else did for a "It's Las Vegas, Baby" theme!

I was inspired by the snowmen on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors in the December 2009 issue but could not make them realized until my very best buddy in the world, June Daley sent me EVERYTHING i needed to make these gorgeous snow dolls!