December 28, 2007

Fabric Journal

I took a Fabric Journal class taught by Teesha Moore (she is a very cool art journalist - check out I love how the quilted cover turned out and i love it as a cover on a journal!... the feel and texture of it is so cozy! It's not hard to make but it is time consuming to sew and quilt it by hand but the irregularity of it is what makes it so cool!


I found these pendant trays at they come in a bunch of different sizes and they are so fun to make. These are my first two. One of my little dog and the other of my grandmother... i created the images in photoshop and did my best to measure them so they would fit in the pendants exactly the way i wanted them. Then i poured this 3D Cyrstal Lacquer (also sold at the paperstudio) over the top. It takes like 2 days to dry and you need to be careful of air bubbles... but it is so worth it in the end! they turned out so great! i can't wait to make more!

Christmas Ornaments

Made these christmas ornaments last year for my family. I photoshoped the photos to the proper size and added elf hats on everyone to go with the christmas elf theme. After printing the images, i added glitter and outlined the figures to make them pop! I used Inkssentials - Memory Frames. They come in 3 different sizes.

December 27, 2007

My beautiful cousin passed away suddenly in september. I created a few versions of a card for her memorial and support of a scholarship fund that is being put together. Any preference?

Photo of Filou - Our doggy

Here's a little christmas photo of Filou (feelou) our little maltese in front of our christmas tree this year. He is a pretty good sport to put up with all the photos i can take of him! For these kinds of photos, I always use the Portrait mode with the Slow Sync Flash so that it picks up the lights in the backround and gives everything that wonderful soft lighting.

December 20, 2007

Litte Red Knitted Pouches

I have been really busy busy making holiday gifts this year. I decided to take on the project of making little zipper knitted pouches for all the girls on my list. I really underestimated how time consuming they are to make and even more so since i am quite challenged when it comes to putting in zippers or using a sewing machine!... by the way i just bought a used sewing machine and i am trying to figure it out as i go! Despite my challenges, I think they turned out pretty cute and i had fun picking out different fabrics to place into the pouches making them all different. I felt addicted to the red boucle yarn i used -- just loved the texture of it.. so decided to keep that the same on all of them. Below is how i made them:

  • knit one row, pearl next; repeat until the desired size you want the pouch, fold in half, right sides facing; sew sides together with yarn needle. I used a 5mm gauge needle for an 8 gauge Boucle yarn so that it was a nice tight knit.. and i made 26 stitches and about 10 inches long.

  • Zipper: Unzip zipper and pin inside pouch, and hand-sew in place with strudy thread.

  • For liner, use thin cotton fabric. Fold down short ends 1-inch, wrog sides facing; iron to crease. Fold cloth in half, end to end, righ sides faceing; sew along sides using 1/4-inch seam allowance. Do not turn inside out and just pace liner in pouch and whipstich folded ends to zipper tape directly under zipper's teeth. Then add a ribbon to the to zipper!

  • I added a cute little santa tag with a long explanation about how much love i put into it! If anyone needs me to email the tag to you, just let me know.